December 20, 2010 [ firsttryfridayslaunch.pdf ]

Opedo Software Launches "First Try Fridays"® on the App Store, the World's First Skateboarding Simulation

Vancouver, B.C., Canada, December 20, 2010 - Opedo Software, today announced its highly anticipated First Try Fridays App is now available on the App Store. With Opedo's revolutionary, state of the art game engine, the iPhone® and iPod touch® gaming experience will never be the same. The graphically superb First Try Fridays App features intense skateboarding moments. Intuitive multi-touch controls, using only two fingers, allow players to unlock the freedom that is skateboarding. With over 14430 different combinations of flips and grinds, a large practice area and 11 different levels, players are only limited by their own skills.

iOS industry first features include full scene real time shadows, reflections on all windows, 15 micron accurate collision detection, HDR lighting with sun and sky global illumination, and a physically plausible sound simulation. The technologies in First Try Fridays App surpass anything available before on the iPhone, even besting console games.

The First Try Fridays App is available for $7.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at

To learn more about "First Try Fridays," and for screenshots and videos, visit the official website at

About Opedo Game Engine
The Opedo Game Engine is an ongoing, ever-evolving, state of the art system, for both the PC and iOS 4. In continuous development for 10 years, it features the latest research technologies, year after year, from conferences such as SIGGRAPH and EUROGRAPHICS. It was designed from the ground up for realism and high polygon counts, and with physics and sound simulations unrivaled in the industry. With a streamlined toolset, using standard programs such as Autodesk® 3ds Max®, artists and developers can focus on delivering high quality content to consumers.

About Opedo Software
Opedo Software Corp., based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and established in 1999, develops cutting-edge software and game engine technology. Additional information about Opedo can be obtained through the Opedo website at

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