First Try Fridays FAQ:

Q. Why does First Try Fridays sometimes freeze my iPad?
A. Certain Apps (EA's Scrabble for the iPad) don't handle low-memory warnings properly, and in turn iOS has a bug which causes the iPad to freeze. To remedy this, shut down the culprit App by double pressing the home button, then hold your finger down over the App till the red negative mark appears, then click it.

Q. Why does the skateboard do tricks by itself sometimes on the iPad?
A. There is a bug in the iPad 1 and 2 that when you swipe long and really fast with your finger, like during pushing, it gets confused and thinks multiple fingers have touched the screen. The crude workaround is to take shorter swipes. This is a known issue, and Apple is looking into it.

Q. Can I listen to my own music while playing First Try Fridays?
A. Yes. First Try Fridays supports multi-tasking, so just play whatever songs you like in the iPod App, and you will be able to listen to them while playing the game.

Q. Why does my music playing from the iPod App sometimes become quiet?
A. There is a bug in iOS that if you're playing music from the iPod App, and you have a song playing during replays, the iPod song will playback very quietly. Switch to the iPod App and restart the song to resolve the problem. This is a known issue, and Apple is looking into it.

Q. Why is First Try Fridays so hard?
A. The game was designed from the start to be realistic, so there isn't much time to do tricks. With that restriction, months were spent on trying to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. But we guarantee you will quickly get used to it, and it will become second nature, and sometimes you will even complain how your fingers move faster than the game can register.

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